PBOC would like to highly discourage members of the public from attending Board Meetings and give in-person public comment until the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer declared a local health emergency in Orange County. The Board of Supervisors, OC Sheriff's Department and Santa Ana Police Department's refusal to enforce the state's mask mandate, sanitize and/or clean the microphone in between speakers in the Hall of Administration put the public's health and safety at a very high risk. Instead, we recommend you submit your comments virtually as noted below.

In order to share your comments in person at a Board of Supervisors meeting, please follow the steps below:

  1.   Check the Board of Supervisors meeting calendar (click here)
  2.   For directions to the Hall of Administration where Board of Supervisors meetings are held (click here) Note: Parking can be challenging so give yourself plenty of time. For locations to some of the available parking lots in the Orange County Civic Center area (click here)
  3.   The Board of Supervisors Hearing Room is located on the first floor in the Hall of Administration building.
      • Everyone is required to go through a security screening that includes a metal detector.
      • Everyone is required to dispose of any liquids (including water) before entering the Board Hearing Room.
  4.   Fill out a speaker request form(s) which are located in the Board Hearing Room, and fill it out. You may use an alias or pseudonym when filling out the form.  Note: a) meeting agendas are also generally located next to the speaker request forms
  5.   Deposit your completed form in the box (located at the front of the room) adjacent to the podium prior to the beginning of:
      • the Consent Calendar
      • the reading of the individual agenda items
      • the opening of the public hearing
      • the beginning of Public Comments.
  6.   Each member of the public may address the Board on up to three occasions during each regular or special meeting.   Three minutes are allowed per occasion, unless otherwise indicated by the Clerk.
  7. When you are called to speak, please step up to the podium. Please clearly state your name and city of residence for the record. An alias or pseudonym may be used. Note: The colored lights on the podium indicate the following:
      • Green – Your time has begun; you are limited to three minutes (unless different time limits are set by the Chair).
      • Yellow – You have one minute to summarize your comments.
      • Red – Your time is up.
  8. Please address your comments to the Board. However, you may comment on, question, or criticize the actions of the Board as a whole, as well as those of individual members of the Board. See Board of Supervisors Rules of Procedure, Rule 46.



  • Keep your comments brief and succinct just in case your time is cut to 1 minute.
  • If you have documents for the Board, please bring 10 copies and hand them to the Clerk of the Board staff (the person sitting at the left of the podium) when you approach the podium. If you have a Power Point and/or a video presentation that you would like to use, you must make arrangements in advance of the meeting by contacting the Clerk of the Board at 714-834-2206…..or, nicely ask the clerk (the person sitting at the left of the podium) at the day of the meeting.
  • If you have special needs, the Clerk of the Board can assist you. If you have questions or to make requests for accommodation, please call the Board Services Division 72 hours prior to the meeting at 714-834-2206

Here are some tips on how to share your comments at a Board of Supervisors meeting virtually:



If you are disabled and/or are susceptible to COVID-19 infection because of age, illness, or condition you may qualify to submit your comment(s) before 9am, or sooner, on the day of the meeting. Note: This is not publicized to the public and might only be a temporary option for people unable or concerned about giving public comment because of the threat of contracting COVID-19.

In the beginning portion of your email, you must identify that you are unable and/or unwilling to give public comment. (see sample wording below

Dear Mr Leon Page,

Please read this during (agenda item #....) or (public comments) 

NOTE: I have been advised by health professionals to shelter at home during the COVID outbreak, which renders me unable to attend the Board meeting in person, especially considering the large numbers of unmasked people who I have seen to congregate outside your recent meetings and sometimes inside as well. Therefore, I am submitting a public comment and other comments on a few of the items on the agenda, and I ask that you read these comments into the record at the appropriate time.


            (your message here)

Please email your agenda comments and/or your public comments to:

email: &

Note:    Keep your comments brief and succinct just in case your time is cut from 3 minutes to 1 minute